Discussion Questions

50 Ways Coaches Can Change the WorldIf you have found the ideas in this book valuable, consider discussing them with other coaches. You might form a book study group to read the book and discuss it together. Or dedicate a meeting of your coaching chapter, community of practice, or special interest group to discussing these ideas. Below are some questions you can use as the basis of your discussion.

  1. What does “changing the world” mean to you, and why is this important?
  2. How did reading about the 50 ways make you feel? What thoughts were inspired in you?
  3. If you were to add a 51st way for coaches to change the world, what would it be?
  4. Which of the 50 ways might you disagree with, and how would you improve them?
  5. Which of the 50 ways are you already engaged in?
  6. If you were to take on a new one of the 50 ways to engage in, which one would you choose?
  7. Which of the 50 ways address what you believe are the most pressing issues in your community or the world?
  8. Which of the 50 ways would make the best use of the unique gifts you possess?
  9. Which of the 50 ways might help you build your business or boost your career?
  10. What examples can you think of that illustrate coaches who are using any of these approaches?
  11. What resources do world-changing coaches most need, and where might they find them?
  12. How can a coach engaged in world-changing stay motivated and inspired?
  13. How might your group of coaches engage in world-changing together?
  14. What strengths or resources does your group possess that could benefit your community or the world?
  15. How might your group of coaches make the most positive impact on the community within which you coach?
  16. What other world-changing groups might your group partner with to increase its impact?
  17. What action would you like to commit to as a result of this discussion?