New ways to act

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ChangemakerOne of my desires for 50 Ways Coaches Can Change the World is that the book will support coaches with changemaking desires in bringing their visions to life. I hope to share with you periodically new ways to take action beyond the ideas in the book.

For example, what about working as a family coach? Every Family Matters in Kent, England has developed a new approach for coaches to go into the home and work with the entire family as a group, supplementing that with one-to-one sessions where appropriate.

Founder Alan Wilson explains, “The key is in accepting the other person as full of potential and not simply represented by the behaviour they are exhibiting… what we are doing is much deeper than parenting skills, which is mentoring with scripts and strategies. What we are doing is creating resourceful states, helping them to feel good about themselves and enabling them to stop the reactive cycle, step back, not take a comment personally and deal with the situation in a calm manner.”

As a result of his groundbreaking work, Alan has been invited to give evidence at the Houses of Parliament to the Social Justice Policy Group, Family Breakdown, and Education working parties, and been acknowledged as a contributor to the Social Justice Policy Review, Breakthrough Britain.

New resources

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50 Ways Coaches Can Change the WorldMany early readers of 50 Ways Coaches Can Change the World  have expressed their pleasure at the number of resources featured in the book. It may interest you to know that my biggest challenge was not finding related resources to include for each topic — it was choosing which ones to leave out, because there were so many! And I know I have just scratched the surface of what’s still out there.

Please let me know — and other readers know — about any related resources you’re aware of that weren’t featured in the book. Articles, blogs, books, interviews, slide shows, videos, organizations, websites… all are welcome. You can post your suggestions as comments on any of the Dialogue or Resources pages listed in the Reader Resources section. To stay current on these updates, just sign up on the Reader Registration page.

World-changing coaches

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Nancy ColasurdoOne of the most gratifying aspects of writing the 50 Ways Coaches Can Change the World book was discovering the work of all the world-changing coaches I never knew about before. There wasn’t space in the book to feature them all, so I hope to introduce more of them to you on this website.

For example, Nancy Colasurdo, who you can read about in her article “Finding My Niche as a Volunteer Coach.” Nancy volunteered to spend time coaching a woman in a local homeless shelter despite the fact that Nancy was at the time struggling financially herself. Nancy says, “it seems I have found a significant part of myself by working with Mirna. Not one to do volunteer work most of my life, this coaching relationship has changed how I see myself in the world.”

Working to create positive change in the world also creates change within the changemaker. That’s certainly been my experience in writing this book.

We are open for business!

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50 Ways Coaches Can Change the WorldI am pleased to announce that the 50 Ways Coaches Can Change the World website is now open for business! The book is completed and will be available in early May as both a print book and ebook. You can pre-order copies now right here.

Once you have your copy of the book, visit our Reader Resources section to further explore the book’s ideas, examples, and resources. Thanks for your support for this exciting project!

Got the book

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CoachIf you’re already one of our readers, visit our free community! You can access all the resource links in the book online, get updates to the book’s content, and add your own thoughts and resources to our growing knowledge base. Visit the reader community…

C.J. Hayden’s 50 Ways gives every coach a blueprint for changing the world. Even the most experienced coach can find important new resources, fresh ideas, and simple ways to increase our impact. ~ Ruth Ann Harnisch, President of the Harnisch Foundation, which has invested millions in coaching-related philanthropies


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Coach50 Ways Coaches Can Change the World provides you with ideas, examples, and resources to make a difference. You’ll get to know your tribe — coaches who not only believe our world needs to change, but are working to change it right this moment. Learn about the book…

Everything I need to be a participant, contributor, mover, shaker, meaningful, purposeful, Citizen Coach is right here… Keep this book close at hand to use for yourself and to support others to be their highest selves. ~ Bobette Reeder, MEd, MCC, Past President of the International Coach Federation, co-founder, Conversation Among Masters (CAM), and co-founder, The Coach Initiative

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50 Ways Coaches Can Change the WorldDiscover how you can make a valuable contribution to building a better world, starting today! Whether you are a life coach, business coach, executive coach, internal coach, or from any other coaching niche, 50 Ways Coaches Can Change the World will help you make a difference. Read more…

…a plethora of outstanding resources for coaches who want to do well while doing good! In this resource are dozens of ideas, connections, possibilities, and other coaches who can help ‘keep the fire burning.’ ~ Dr. Patrick Williams, MCC, BCC, founder of Coaching the Global Village and the Institute for Life Coach Training