What Readers Say


Coaching is one of the most powerful agents of change to come into the world in recent times. By raising awareness and moving people towards considered change, coaching makes a difference. Now, C.J. Hayden has masterfully put together 50 practical and powerful ways to increase the impact coaches can make in their world.
~ Steve Mitten, CPCC, MCC, author of Marketing Essentials for Coaches and Past President, International Coach Federation


A pioneer in the coaching profession, C.J. Hayden has done it once again in her new book 50 Ways Coaches Can Change the World. As someone who has changed the world through her coaching and her generosity as a human being, first she looks at how you as an individual can change the world, followed by how you as a coach can bring change to the world. Using a collaborative approach to bring this book to global audiences, she truly makes a difference in the world.
~ Vikki Brock, PhD, EMBA, MCC, author of Sourcebook of Coaching History


C.J. is already a much respected source for successful business building. Combining this with citizenship and a desire for impact is what makes this total gold. Full of inspiration and actions! A must read for all coaches who share the vision of making a difference.
~ Garry Schleifer, Publisher and CEO, choice, the magazine of professional coaching


C.J. Hayden’s newest book embodies the fearless spirit of coaches everywhere. 50 Ways Coaches Can Change the World is filled with effective, enlightening, big-hearted ideas. If you are ready to let loose your passion to make a difference in the world, let this book be your guide.
~ Rhonda Britten, Emmy Award-winning life coach, repeat Oprah guest, and author of Fearless Living


What a great resource for changemakers who advocate for systemic change and social responsibility! C.J. Hayden is a leader within a growing movement to revolutionize the coaching profession — from one that supports personal growth to one that is a catalyst for human evolution.
~ Martha Lasley, author of Facilitating with Heart: Awakening Personal Transformation and Social Change


Many others have written about the skill of coaching and the business of coaching –- C.J. has masterfully covered the spirit of coaching. If you want to make a huge difference in the world as a coach, read this book!
~ Marcia Bench, author of the best-selling Become an Inspirational Thought Leader and Career Coaching: An Insider’s Guide


C.J. has collected a plethora of outstanding resources for coaches who want to do well while doing good! Coaching to make a difference and catalyzing social transformation does not have to be free, but it is a calling. In this resource are dozens of ideas, connections, possibilities, and other coaches who can help ‘keep the fire burning’. I request you keep this copy handy as anything worth doing to improve the world is worth doing with others.
~ Dr. Patrick Williams, MCC, BCC, founder of Coaching The Global Village and the Institute for Life Coach Training


Everything I need to be a participant, contributor, mover, shaker, meaningful, purposeful, Citizen Coach is right here in my hands. C.J. Hayden has taken the time, energy and heart to gather, and most importantly share, specific information so that Any Coach, Anywhere on the planet can step into their role as a “glorious human being to be reckoned with”! The foundational piece to actually BEING a Coach, is that you exemplify the goodness, the caring, the compassion, the love that you want to see in the world. Keep this book close at hand to use for yourself and to support others to be their highest selves.
~ Bobette Reeder, MEd, MCC, Past President of the International Coach Federation, co-founder, Conversation Among Masters (CAM), and co-founder, The Coach Initiative


C.J. Hayden’s 50 Ways gives every coach a blueprint for changing the world. Even the most experienced coach can find important new resources, fresh ideas, and simple ways to increase our impact. Most coaches know the thrill of putting their skills to good use, and this book has far more than 50 ways to tantalize those thrillseekers among us.
~ Ruth Ann Harnisch, President of the Harnisch Foundation, which has invested millions in coaching-related philanthropies


50 Ways Coaches Can Change the World is practical, concise and full of ideas, connections and inspiration. If you suspect that coaching can make a deeper difference in the lives of more and more people, and wonder how to get started, this is the book for you. And, it is one more example of how CJ walks her own talk and shares what is really needed at this time for coaches.
~ Virginia Kellogg, MCC, founding partner of Leadership that Works and co-creator of the Coaching and Philanthropy Project