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ChangemakerOne of my desires for 50 Ways Coaches Can Change the World is that the book will support coaches with changemaking desires in bringing their visions to life. I hope to share with you periodically new ways to take action beyond the ideas in the book.

For example, what about working as a family coach? Every Family Matters in Kent, England has developed a new approach for coaches to go into the home and work with the entire family as a group, supplementing that with one-to-one sessions where appropriate.

Founder Alan Wilson explains, “The key is in accepting the other person as full of potential and not simply represented by the behaviour they are exhibiting… what we are doing is much deeper than parenting skills, which is mentoring with scripts and strategies. What we are doing is creating resourceful states, helping them to feel good about themselves and enabling them to stop the reactive cycle, step back, not take a comment personally and deal with the situation in a calm manner.”

As a result of his groundbreaking work, Alan has been invited to give evidence at the Houses of Parliament to the Social Justice Policy Group, Family Breakdown, and Education working parties, and been acknowledged as a contributor to the Social Justice Policy Review, Breakthrough Britain.

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