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Nancy ColasurdoOne of the most gratifying aspects of writing the 50 Ways Coaches Can Change the World book was discovering the work of all the world-changing coaches I never knew about before. There wasn’t space in the book to feature them all, so I hope to introduce more of them to you on this website.

For example, Nancy Colasurdo, who you can read about in her article “Finding My Niche as a Volunteer Coach.” Nancy volunteered to spend time coaching a woman in a local homeless shelter despite the fact that Nancy was at the time struggling financially herself. Nancy says, “it seems I have found a significant part of myself by working with Mirna. Not one to do volunteer work most of my life, this coaching relationship has changed how I see myself in the world.”

Working to create positive change in the world also creates change within the changemaker. That’s certainly been my experience in writing this book.

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  1. 1: Ronnie Dunetz said at 1:35 am on May 20th, 2012:

    Wow, Nancy! How moving…I have been coaching for over 9 years now, there have been ups and downs financially, and I am not the only one on this, I am sure. But I have never stopped thinking how much more value I could create if I just coached more as a volunteer (have done some but not enough). It was always a perceived trade-off- ” to pay the bills or change the world”, and more often than not the first one dominated. After reading your article, I had tears in my eyes, and started to think again about this trade-off…thank you for holding the candle!

  2. 2: Ronnie Dunetz said at 10:10 am on May 25th, 2012:

    Great idea- will keep it in mind- all the best- Ronnie

  3. 3: Nancy said at 8:04 am on May 25th, 2012:

    Well, this is just so lovely and gratifying. C.J., thank you so much for the mention. Ronnie, feel free to reach out and/or share as you journey in this.

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